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Monday, February 28, 2011


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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Amira said...

It was always you.
You always understood me without me having to explain.
Kind of crazy, like you connected with a part of my brain.
If my body were a language &’ it produced words,
You’d be able to recite them over, &’ over, probably even backwards.
You comprehended my thoughts, as if they were your own.
You took the time to care for me in a way no one had ever shown.
Because of you, I rarely felt alone.
Damn baby, I admit it – you are the sweetest love I’ve ever known.


Amira said...

It hurts you know,
When you love someone so deeply that they take over your soul.
You give them everything, all of you.
Hoping to get the same in return.
I guess you can say we let It burn.
I don’t know how it ends up for you, but for me, silly old me,
It always ends up as a lesson unlearned.

Its over, its been over, yet I still yearn.
For you. Only you. My baby.
Wait I take that back, maybe it’d be easier if you said you hated me.
Who am I kidding, how could you?
Nevertheless its all useless.
Those words, and promises, oh promises, I knew they lacked substance.
I guess that’s why I refused to believe.
To believe is to believe a (lie) so I ask myself why?
Why did I even try?

I’m all too familiar with this feeling.
This pain. I know pain, for sure, but this, I could never prepare myself for.
Feels like something is burning, im bursting in flames at my core.
Its okay though, it wont break me, yeah Ive been broken before.
But I refuse to let this take me back to a place where I was stone cold.
Lying on the floor,
I refuse to reopen that boarded up door.
I just have to ignore the fact, that me and you, you and I can never get back..to that.
To us – I guess im going to have to adjust, from now on ill just indulge in lust. Fuck love. Lately its just been a curse,
Excuse me, I don’t mean to cuss - its just,
I cant wait for my rebirth
A fresh start, a new me.
Maybe in my new life,
Ill remember to forget you and me, and how things between us
u s e d t o b e.


Amira said...
You’ll never know her story
You’ll never know her pain.
You’ll never know how many countless times tears fled from her eyes like pouring rain.

You’ll never know her strength
You’ll never know her struggle
You’ll never know what it took to make her so thankful and humble.

You’ll never know her glory.
You’ll never know her pride
You’ll never know the amount of love she withholds inside.

You’ll never know her joy
You’ll never know her sorrow
You’ll never know how much she prays for a brighter tomorrow..

They think they know,
They think they can see
But I can promise you, I can promise them, that they’ll never know .. me.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


hey you guys i've been gone for a while, but im back =) lol 5 followers ? i dont care its progress, thankyou guys for dedicating some time to my blog and reading some of my blogs =) please feel free in posting poems but remember to be user-friendly =) .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Raising awarnessss.

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